Kempton & Co Metallic Rain Gold Cosmetic Case

Kempton & Co

Kempton & Co Metallic Rain Gold Cosmetic Case
A bit of shimmery glam, just subtle to use every day. Perfectly what you need!
We love our laser-cut metallic rain texture. Trimmed with a Kenyan Horn Zipper Toggle and brass zipper. Just a touch of shimmer to catch the eye, while being subtle enough to fit into anyone's wardrobe. The perfect small cosmetic case to make sure you don't overpack for your glam.
Bring only the essentials and keep everything in its place. 
 Also available in Silver.  
3 1/2" H x 6 1/4" W x 3 1/2"
We collaborate on the zipper toggles with Kenyan artisans; all work on them is done entirely by hand with simple tools and machinery, with locally sourced (in Kenya) materials. These up-cycled materials are used to generate income for small artisan groups working mostly in Kibera, one of Nairobi’s largest slums. 

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