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A shared love for fashion led best friends Barbara Boccara & Sharon Krief to create ba&sh. Their idea? To bring their dream wardrobe to life so that they could share it with other women. A brand truly made by women for women

Found in more than 400 stores around the world, the ba&sh style remains distinctly Parisian, uniting an expression of freedom with an easy, joyful elegance. It is easy to recognize a ba&sh dress… The key? The happiness of the woman wearing it.

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ba&sh Filly Dress-Noir
ba&sh ba&sh Falco Skirt-Ecru
ba&sh Ganiela Dress-Ecru
ba&sh ba&sh Kondo Midi Skirt-Red
ba&sh Baila Dress-Green
ba&sh Selma Blouse-Blanc
ba&sh Isolde Dress-Ecru
ba&sh Albin Top-Ecru
ba&sh Willow Denim Dress
ba&sh Bowie Dress-Noir
ba&sh Fary Floral Shirt-Ecru
ba&sh Noma Dress-Nude
ba&sh Maris Skirt-Bleu
ba&sh Gigi Dress-Bordeaux